Running is a great way to improve your overall health. It allows you to develop muscle strength and aerobic capacity which have a lot of benefits in the long term. It has also been proven that runners live longer than non-runners. It's no question that running is good for you, but some people think it can lead to bad knees and an increased chance of getting osteoarthritis. The reality is, is that runners are no more likely to develop osteoarthritis than non-runners and with proper form and technique your chances of that diminish even more. All runners have some inefficiencies in their form and by finding them, it ensures that your body can become stronger. When you come into our Leander physical therapy office for running analysis, we examine, assess and improve your body mechanics to ensure you are utilizing the correct muscles at the correct time to decrease your risk of injury. Sometimes the fix can be as simple as adjusting the type of shoe you wear. Once we analyze your form and muscle strength we can begin an individualized plan on how to improve. Some runners need targeted exercises to strengthen their hamstrings, others may need to improve their balance. Everyone's body is unique so every treatment plan is unique. Our expertise in the body and how it works and moves can help you be more efficient in the way that you run. Whether you're looking to get ready for a big race, or just starting out a running regime, our Austin sports medicine and physical therapy is more than capable to help you on your journey.


Weight lifting is a popular fitness practice for all ages. There are many different practices of weight lifting and so many trainers out there with their ideas of the best and most effective way to utilize lifting to increase strength and overall fitness. If you are involved with weight lifting you've probably heard the phrase "lift with your legs and not your back" before. Unfortunately that phrase doesn't really fully explain to you how to lift. Many people are picking things up the wrong way and because of that eighty percent of all Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. This makes back pain one of the top causes of disability in the United States. At our clinic, our goal is to protect your back and put less strain on your entire body when lifting. We want your body to work as a cohesive unit without too much strain in one area. Our lifting analysis will put you through a number of different exercises to examine how you are lifting to properly diagnose the right way that you should be lifting. If you are a high school athlete that has been weight lifting to increase their strength, or an everyday mom who picks up kids and groceries all day long, our lifting analysis can help you. We will teach you the proper way to lift with your legs and not your back. We'll help with the way you maneuver your body and show you what you could be doing better. Our lifting analysis is top of the line and proven to help patients with their everyday tasks.

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