When you are watching a sporting event like a basketball game or track meet, you may see some athletes wearing colorful tape on their body. And no it is not a fashion trend. It is a type of technique to provide those athletes with support and stability and to also facilitate healing without limiting movement. It allows the muscles and joints to prolong the benefits given from manual therapy. Kinesiotape is latex free and can be worn for a number of days at a time. It has been proven safe for all ages ranging from pediatric to geriatric. It can treat neurological, nueromuscular, and orthopedic medical conditions. The Kinesiotape targets different receptors within your system and alleviates pain. It also microscopically lifts your skin so that there can be lymphatic drainage. This process allows for a decrease in inflammation of your targeted areas. This type of tape is very particular and unique in the way it is placed on your affected areas. It can be placed in a single strip, an "X" or "Y" shape, or other shapes. This and the direction and stretch in which the tape is placed can re-educate the nueromuscular system to reduce pain and inflammation, optimize performance, promote circulation and healing, and to prevent injury. The benefits of using kinesiotape are astounding, which is why a majority of athletes are utilizing this technique everyday. Kinesiotape not only benefits athletes, it can benefit everybody. In order for you to get the desired result, one of our physical therapists will evaluate your affected areas and do a full assessment in order to find the most effective method. This may include a manual muscle test, a range of motion test and any other special tests to get the right treatment for your unique ailment. We have used Kinesiotape at our Leander physical therapy office with proven results. We stay up to date in all the latest practices to ensure that our patients are receiving top of the line care.


Kinesiotape is designed to mimic the skin's elasticity so that you can use your full range of motion. In other words, it is really stretchy. It's water resistant so if you're in the shower or just sweaty from a workout, it won't fall off. When the tape is applied to your skin it recoils and gently lifts your skin. Some of the remarkable things it can do is create space between your joints, change signals on pain pathways, and improve circulation of blood and fluids. Creating an increased space between your joints, however minimal can help reduce the chance of joint irritation. Changing pain pathways is a way to reduce pain in trigger points on the body giving relief. Improving circulation can reduce swelling in an area where you may be hurt. All of these benefits are used for a number of reasons. Physical therapists use this for treating injuries to reduce pain and swelling in an affected area. This tape is also used to re-educate muscles. This practice can improve posture, and the way you walk. It is also used to enhance your performance. It can help athletes achieve peak performance and protect against injury. Another less known benefit of this type of tape is that it can improve the long term appearance of scars after an injury or surgery, but should be carefully supervised by a professional physical therapist. There are many reasons why Kinesiotape is used and very popular. The benefits are undeniable. 

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