In today's world, when you get injured, have surgery, or just need some assistance with your mobility, a physical therapist is key to having a quick and effective recovery. You can find a physical therapist in hospitals, out-patient clinics, high schools, colleges, nursing homes, government agencies and so many more places. You can receive physical therapy as a stand alone option, or it can be part of a bigger treatment plan. Our Cedar Park physical therapy clinic is proud to serve those locally in our area. Our trained professionals will evaluate and treat your abnormal physical function and help you get to one hundred percent mobility. When you come into our physical therapy Cedar Park clinic we will first undergo a physical exam and evaluation. This may include medical history, certain testing procedures like posture exams, movement and flexibility, performance of your muscle and joint motions. Once the initial exams are performed we then make a diagnosis and plan out short-term and long-term goals that are realistic and comfortable with you. Then we will begin your therapy treatment plan and will give you some self-management recommendations and exercise you can do at home to quicken your recovery. Our goal at our physical therapy Cedar Park TX is get you back on your feet and feeling one hundred percent yourself. The road of recovery after an injury can be a hard one, but we are here to ease your burden.

Some common conditions that we can treat with physical therapy are cardiopulmonary conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, rotator cuff tears, joint disorders, strokes, spinal cord injuries, sports-related injuries, women's health and pelvic floor dysfunction and so much more. We have given successful therapy plans to people of all ages. Using one of our Cedar Park physical therapists can be used for so many benefits. With the right physical therapy treatment plans we are able to manage pain and reduce the need for pain medication. We can help to avoid surgery, improve your functional mobility and movement, recover from injury and trauma, as well as from a stroke or from paralysis. Our balance training can help with fall prevention and improvement of your overall balance. Our top of the line therapy can also help manage age-related medical issues. Our sports physical therapy helps athletes to maximize their performance through strengthening specific parts of their body and by using muscles in new and improved ways. We offer a wide range of different treatment plans. Our physical therapy Cedar Park is highly trained in manual therapy which has improved a number of patients mobility and function, as well as dry needling, blood flow restriction therapy and so much more. We treat everyone of all ages. Whether you are looking for a trained geriatric physical therapists, or a pediatric physical therapist or maybe even a neurological physical therapist, we can do it all. We know that we can provide excellent care with excellent results. We use top of the line technology like the Neubie and stay educated in all of the new and improved methods of physical therapy. If you're looking for the right clinic to go to, look no further. Request an appointment today.

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