Blood flow restriction therapy has been around since the 1960's, but recently has had a surge in research to support its technique and how it improves patient outcomes. Its popularity has had the military including this type of therapy in their personnel's treatment who have been struggling to improve muscle strength in their injured limbs and amputations. Olympic athletes use blood flow restriction therapy as well when training. It is a game-changing type of therapy that can be used for all sorts of different types of reasons. This type of therapy is a method used during early strengthening phases of recovery or injury prevention, which in turn allows you to lift lighter while getting an increased strengthening response. This treatment approach allows you to rehab and perform at a higher level with minimal risk of injury. During this type of therapy, a patient will workout with a narrow, elastic band. This elastic band will restrict venous blood flow but not arterial inflow to the extremity. In doing this, it produces a systemic response like lifting heavy weights. Performing high repetitions of this practice and using light weights allows the patient to receive the benefits of heavy weight strength training without the stress to your body. With little damage done to the soft tissue by avoiding heavy weight lifting, improvements in endurance and strength can come quickly. Everyone of all ages can benefit from blood flow restriction therapy. It can be performed in a regular fitness routine, and in the safe environment of an outpatient physical therapy clinic. This treatment is a great way for patients who are rehabbing from surgery and need some rehabilitation, including an ACL surgery, hip or knee replacement, rotator cuff repair, or any tendon repair. This therapy can minimize the amount of muscle mass lost, and allow patients to improve both muscle strength and size without the stress and strain to your healing body. Professional athletes and the military utilize the benefits of this type of therapy, and you can too. Request and appointment today and let our Austin physical therapy specialists help you with your rehabilitation.


Our therapy treatments at our Leander physical therapy clinic are top of the line. We are highly trained in every physical therapy method there is and use cutting-edge technology so that our patients are getting the absolute best care they can. When we use blood flow restriction therapy for our patients, we make sure to analyze their individual needs and to not push them out of their comfort zone. Our low intensity blood flow restriction therapy training results in a greater muscle circumference when compared to the normal low intensity exercises. Our methods are proven to help our patients with their rehab. We use only the best equipment with the right cuff width, pressure and material. We have successfully helped patients with Achilles repairs, knee ligament reconstructions, fractures, muscle strains, nerve injuries, joint replacements and more. Each treatment plan is unique to that person which provides for the best results. When you choose our clinic, you are choosing the best in the business. We can't wait to help you with your recovery journey.

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