Falling is the most common cause of non fatal injuries and the most common hospitalization for older adults is because of a traumatic fall. One third of adults over the age of 65 experience at least one fall per year. That's why balance training is so important. Having good balance is key to staying safe and confident when doing your everyday activities. And while older adults may have the majority of falls, all ages can benefit from balance training. There are various diseases that could cause a balance disorder such as vision complications, low blood pressure, inner ear disorders, head injuries and more. If untreated a balance disorder could lead to serious or fatal fall. 

Our balance training includes exercises that consist of strengthening core muscles like the back, abdominal muscles and hips to improve balance and coordination. This training improves the communication between your brain and your muscles to increase your balance. Exercises such as leg lifts, have been shown to increase strength and prevent falls. We focus on increasing your safety and confidence in performing your daily tasks such as lifting groceries, walking and climbing up stairs that could increase your chances of falling. Our Leander physical therapists may include balance activities, visual system training, and repositioning maneuvers to boost your function. We are highly trained in the most effective methods of balance training and have proven techniques to help those who may be suffering from a balance disorder. Our treatment plans are individualized for each patient to ensure that you are getting the best therapy for your condition.


With the right exercises and guidance, your body can change and grow to improve your balance, which can lead to safe functional mobility. Some of our common balance exercises are single leg stance, tandem walking with a heel-to-toe pattern, walking with various head motions, and altering your visual system as you move to challenge your balance. A single leg stance is performed by finding something stable to hold onto and lifting one foot off the floor for at least thirty seconds. Then repeated on your other side. There are ways to make this more challenging like closing your eyes and letting go of what you are holding onto but this should not be done without a physical therapist to assist you. Tandem walking is walking while placing your heel directly in front of your toes on the opposite foot for ten paces. It's a great way to improve balance and mobility. Some of these exercises are able to be done at home but if not done properly or carefully they could cause you to injure yourself even more. Always make sure to use care and caution when performing any type of balance exercises by yourself and have one of our Austin geriatric specialists create an individual treatment plan for your specific needs. We offer the most cutting-edge therapy treatments to ensure that you are getting the best care. We take pride in our knowledge of physical therapy and ultimately want you to get back to feeling one hundred percent confident in your mobility. Book an appointment today so that we can help.

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